Rainfall of anguish

When it rains while the clouds weep,
Those angst raw feelings of her in my heart reaps.
It gives me trauma while I battle with myself,
Her agonised whispers are laden in air.
Thunders make me remember her savage screams,
A reality got manifested which I never thought in dreams.
We used to dance in the nectars falling from heaven,
It turned into a brutal downpour of venom.
Symphony of swaying trees and patterning rainfall,
Was augmented by her mellifluous anklets while she danced.
Now like death, the windy beasts howl and growl,
Uprooting the tender saplings of solace planted on my heart’s lawn.
The paper boats which we had set sail,
On the voyage of love with great care.
The gruesome storms furious like underworld monsters,
With their gargantuan mouth they swallowed our boat’s castle.
– Shekhar


Put yourself first, Then comes she.

He was his hero, he was his admiration.
He loved only himself, he was his inspiration.
Then one-sided love happened.

He changed his priorities,
And unknowingly adulterated his own personality.
Then a compromise with his life happened.

He kept on losing him into her,
Bargained with his self respect for one single girl.
Then one day his conscience became his mirror,
Showed him how he became his own villain.
Then a right thing happened.

He switched on to adoring himself,
Letting go the girl ruthless.
The air of self-esteem cleared all the mess,
Blossomed the garden of his life with confidence and respect.

  • Shekhar

It all starts with a smile

It all starts with a smile,

When you just climb up from the age of juvenile.

That delicate blink changes everything,

In your life unfolds that exquisite magic.

You feel thy breath dissolving in some sweet pain,

Consistently entangling yourself in actions insane.

Ballads you sing for her whilst you float in thy fantasy,

But babble and stammer when she conjures in reality.

Cursing the tongue you unveil the organ that never lies,

Lifting up the eyelids you expose the organ pristine.

Like Ganges immaculate thy feeling flows,

And churns the heart of her beyond threshold.

In your eyes inebriated she sinks deep and deep,

Then comes the moment when you blink.

She manages to liberate her from your charm’s net,

But fails to hide that smile signifying consent.

The fireworks of bliss starts in your heart,

To commemorate the commencement of the journey of thy love’s cart.

Sometimes to reach this pinnacle it may take some time,

But never forget, It all starts with a smile.

– Shekhar

Contrasting beginning and ending of your story

The story commences with your birth,

That first cry of yours spreads mirth.

You sobbed and bawled,

And the world around you laughed.


The story will end when you would be sleeping in peace,

There won’t be mundane tensions, only solace.

But the world around you shrouded by illusion,

Would be weeping bitterly on your liberation.

– Shekhar

Preciousness of each single breath

“One more breath, one more breath,”

He kept on imploring the Yam.

The Yam twirled his bushy moustache and guffawed,

“Your days are over, you’ve to come with me now. ”

The man struggled on the hospital bed,

Trying to use efficiently his final breaths.

The preciousness of each single breath dawned upon him,

Only when the bulb of his life became dim.

His final days taught him a valuable lesson,

That breaths are costlier than all the riches.

It comes from nowhere and gifts you the magic of life,

They are the pillars which sustain the marvellous palace of life inside.

We ignore the favour of breaths for mundane things,

Funny how we ignore life to live.

Wake up folks, before it’s too late,

Appreciate the favour which you get from your breaths.

Close your eyes and listen to the symphony played,

By doing so you can feel paradise every moment.

– Shekhar

Knock the door of that inner paradise

They went to temples, they went to mosques. 

They did Hawans, they read Namaaz. 

They searched for the Holy Grail,

They performed myriad sacrifice. 

They chanted the Mantras, they bellowed the Azaan. 

They did every possible act to enthral that ‘man made God’. 

But they never knocked the door of that inner paradise, 

Where the real, pristine and primordial divine resides. 

                                            – Shekhar

The Enemy within

Don’t look for foes outside,

Because like a wild monkey in your head it resides.

Incessantly pounding your head,

Never letting you to take rest.


It bombards your head with anxious thoughts,

And initiates tornadoes and violent storms.

That’s the duty of Mr Mind,

You can call him Mr Unkind.


It will always try to cloud the skies of clarity,

Fill your conscience with doubts of diverse varieties.

You will always find yourself amid conflicts,

And from your heart peace will eventually perish.


Mind when controlled is a God,

Uncontrolled it’s worst than a Satan.

It can construct when properly tamed,

Devastation it will cause when untamed.


The worst war is the war which rages inside us,

And the cause is this mind which resides in our skull.

No negotiations and no treaties are possible,

You are banished from your own kingdom.


The heart which quietly watches all drama,

Always tried to show you the path of Nirvana.

The ignorant you always muted its voice,

With eyes full of pity it moans, ”Hope you had adhered to my advice”.