O Death! Come and embrace me

O Death! Come and embrace me,
These breaths bite my heart like stings of a bee.
This lump on my throat has become gargantuan,
I can’t swallow the misery, my limit has broken.

Inside my brain I have created my own hell,
In which the excruciating memories of past dwells.
They strip my consciousness of every bit if solace,
With fiery tail they whip my heart every moment.

The candle of hope has been replaced by venom of despair,
Where will I run? Everywhere’s the venom spread.
Pain is the child of love, I had known,
But infidelity can be its offspring, I had never known.

Like a loyal fool I submitted the whole of me to She,
But she preferred sharing herself to another He!
She stabbed a rusted knife of betrayal on my trust,
Why did she chose to quench the thirst of her lust?

Like hungry flares the thoughts incinirates my soul,
There’s no end to this suffering, Grim Reaper is the only hope.
O Death! Come and embrace me,
These breaths bite me like stings of a bee.



Let me make her Immortal 

​Here I string my words together, 

To fabricate an exquisite garland for her. 

Let it glorify my beautiful maiden, 

Her saga be sung by men for ages. 

For I am a poet, I have no jewels, 

Within my words, my pristine feelings dwell. 

Let it emblazon her divine soul, 

And make it the most beautiful one known. 

The mortals here will sing and wonder, 

The grandeur legacy of she, the Immortal. 

                                   – Shekhar 

Rainfall of anguish

When it rains while the clouds weep,
Those angst raw feelings of her in my heart reaps.
It gives me trauma while I battle with myself,
Her agonised whispers are laden in air.
Thunders make me remember her savage screams,
A reality got manifested which I never thought in dreams.
We used to dance in the nectars falling from heaven,
It turned into a brutal downpour of venom.
Symphony of swaying trees and patterning rainfall,
Was augmented by her mellifluous anklets while she danced.
Now like death, the windy beasts howl and growl,
Uprooting the tender saplings of solace planted on my heart’s lawn.
The paper boats which we had set sail,
On the voyage of love with great care.
The gruesome storms furious like underworld monsters,
With their gargantuan mouth they swallowed our boat’s castle.
– Shekhar

Put yourself first, Then comes she.

He was his hero, he was his admiration.
He loved only himself, he was his inspiration.
Then one-sided love happened.

He changed his priorities,
And unknowingly adulterated his own personality.
Then a compromise with his life happened.

He kept on losing him into her,
Bargained with his self respect for one single girl.
Then one day his conscience became his mirror,
Showed him how he became his own villain.
Then a right thing happened.

He switched on to adoring himself,
Letting go the girl ruthless.
The air of self-esteem cleared all the mess,
Blossomed the garden of his life with confidence and respect.

  • Shekhar

It all starts with a smile

It all starts with a smile,

When you just climb up from the age of juvenile.

That delicate blink changes everything,

In your life unfolds that exquisite magic.

You feel thy breath dissolving in some sweet pain,

Consistently entangling yourself in actions insane.

Ballads you sing for her whilst you float in thy fantasy,

But babble and stammer when she conjures in reality.

Cursing the tongue you unveil the organ that never lies,

Lifting up the eyelids you expose the organ pristine.

Like Ganges immaculate thy feeling flows,

And churns the heart of her beyond threshold.

In your eyes inebriated she sinks deep and deep,

Then comes the moment when you blink.

She manages to liberate her from your charm’s net,

But fails to hide that smile signifying consent.

The fireworks of bliss starts in your heart,

To commemorate the commencement of the journey of thy love’s cart.

Sometimes to reach this pinnacle it may take some time,

But never forget, It all starts with a smile.

– Shekhar

Her Addiction

In no time you became an addiction,

Demolishing all my inner fortified resistance.

My breath feels hokum unless it’s mingled with yours,

If you aren’t beside me, my tender bed bites me like thorns.

My eyes doesn’t want to relish the beauty all around,

It only wants to get inebriated in thy intoxicating eyes.

Nothing I want to taste, not even the finest of wines,

Your lips are my Holy Grail, on which resides the nectar divine.

Tasting it a beautiful magic unfolds within my heart,

Pain and ecstasy blend together fuelling the heart to pace fast.

My skin, placid and lifeless sans thy touch, craves for thy warmth everytime,

Intertwining with your palms, each single cell of mine rejuvenates into life.

Such an addiction you have become that I feel perky in your presence,

I flutter in agony like a fish out of water in thy absence.

– Shekhar

Winds of Memories

Hither they come, the winds carrying memories,

They gently brush against my skin making me feel heavenly.

I close my eyes and embrace the breeze,

And let it strum the tender strings of bliss.


O Wind! You carry the memories of my childhood,

Whisper in my ears the rhapsody of my boyhood.

You make me fly to the land buried in past,

To behold the age’s innocent dance.


My  satchel was my treasure box,

Had my greedy eyes on my friend’s lunch box.

School’s playground was my paradise,

That was the place on which I wanted to live and die.


Friends were the angels of that heaven,

Sometimes our fights became ugly like cawing of ravens.

The mortal bodies got hurt, not the immortal souls,

Because our fights were for untainted goals.


I was called innocent devil,

Because childhood is naughty, not evil.

I used to swim care-freely in the brooks of ecstasy,

And gallop carelessly through meadows heavenly.

For I knew I was safe like oyster inside the shell,

Because I had Mommy and Daddy as Guardian Angels.


Come come thou winds carrying memories,

You vanquish melancholy from my sensory.

I hear those forgotten mellifluous lullabies,

Which flood with euphoria my heart’s chalice.


You carry the memories when I was a lover,

In my body was caged the soul of Homer.

Ballads used to incessantly emanate from my heart,

Just like those white nectar dive down the waterfall.


O unseen Wind! When she wasn’t around, you swallowed all my  distress,

Because you brought with yourself the ethereal aroma of my mistress.

In her absence I filled each minute of my life with forty long sighs,

In her presence I found my conscience drowning in the pool of intoxicated wine.


Under the night sky I spent myriad sleepless nights,

My heart always craved for her to be at my side.

The soothing night breeze tried to vaporize my sweet pain,

But my heart was a wayward brat, it didn’t listen any counsel.


Now I am standing in the present,

When the two beautiful ages had bid me farewell,

Life is full of worries and humongous tensions.

These memories are which alleviate my haggard soul,

Give me a shelter in this adulthood’s rough storm.


Hither they come, the winds carrying memories,

They gently brush against my skin making me feel heavenly.

I close my eyes and embrace the breeze,

And let it strum the tender strings of bliss.