Knock the door of that inner paradise

They went to temples, they went to mosques. 

They did Hawans, they read Namaaz. 

They searched for the Holy Grail,

They performed myriad sacrifice. 

They chanted the Mantras, they bellowed the Azaan. 

They did every possible act to enthral that ‘man made God’. 

But they never knocked the door of that inner paradise, 

Where the real, pristine and primordial divine resides. 

                                            – Shekhar


Winds of Memories

Hither they come, the winds carrying memories,

They gently brush against my skin making me feel heavenly.

I close my eyes and embrace the breeze,

And let it strum the tender strings of bliss.


O Wind! You carry the memories of my childhood,

Whisper in my ears the rhapsody of my boyhood.

You make me fly to the land buried in past,

To behold the age’s innocent dance.


My  satchel was my treasure box,

Had my greedy eyes on my friend’s lunch box.

School’s playground was my paradise,

That was the place on which I wanted to live and die.


Friends were the angels of that heaven,

Sometimes our fights became ugly like cawing of ravens.

The mortal bodies got hurt, not the immortal souls,

Because our fights were for untainted goals.


I was called innocent devil,

Because childhood is naughty, not evil.

I used to swim care-freely in the brooks of ecstasy,

And gallop carelessly through meadows heavenly.

For I knew I was safe like oyster inside the shell,

Because I had Mommy and Daddy as Guardian Angels.


Come come thou winds carrying memories,

You vanquish melancholy from my sensory.

I hear those forgotten mellifluous lullabies,

Which flood with euphoria my heart’s chalice.


You carry the memories when I was a lover,

In my body was caged the soul of Homer.

Ballads used to incessantly emanate from my heart,

Just like those white nectar dive down the waterfall.


O unseen Wind! When she wasn’t around, you swallowed all my  distress,

Because you brought with yourself the ethereal aroma of my mistress.

In her absence I filled each minute of my life with forty long sighs,

In her presence I found my conscience drowning in the pool of intoxicated wine.


Under the night sky I spent myriad sleepless nights,

My heart always craved for her to be at my side.

The soothing night breeze tried to vaporize my sweet pain,

But my heart was a wayward brat, it didn’t listen any counsel.


Now I am standing in the present,

When the two beautiful ages had bid me farewell,

Life is full of worries and humongous tensions.

These memories are which alleviate my haggard soul,

Give me a shelter in this adulthood’s rough storm.


Hither they come, the winds carrying memories,

They gently brush against my skin making me feel heavenly.

I close my eyes and embrace the breeze,

And let it strum the tender strings of bliss.






The Enemy within

Don’t look for foes outside,

Because like a wild monkey in your head it resides.

Incessantly pounding your head,

Never letting you to take rest.


It bombards your head with anxious thoughts,

And initiates tornadoes and violent storms.

That’s the duty of Mr Mind,

You can call him Mr Unkind.


It will always try to cloud the skies of clarity,

Fill your conscience with doubts of diverse varieties.

You will always find yourself amid conflicts,

And from your heart peace will eventually perish.


Mind when controlled is a God,

Uncontrolled it’s worst than a Satan.

It can construct when properly tamed,

Devastation it will cause when untamed.


The worst war is the war which rages inside us,

And the cause is this mind which resides in our skull.

No negotiations and no treaties are possible,

You are banished from your own kingdom.


The heart which quietly watches all drama,

Always tried to show you the path of Nirvana.

The ignorant you always muted its voice,

With eyes full of pity it moans, ”Hope you had adhered to my advice”.


Divine She <3

And again you conjured in my fantasy,

Bequeathing me the ecstasy that will last till eternity.

Having eyes like gleaming dewdrops,

Peels my heart and makes my heartbeat pause.


You were born human, having features mortal,

Apotheosis in you made you eternal.

Aphrodite blessed you with beauty profuse,

Now Diosa you are which no sane eyes can refuse.


Age has gifted you exquisiteness,

Which is visible in your flawless face.

Like a panoramic sunrise at the horizon,

You emanate thy aura to the surroundings.


In the shroud of your warm breath,

Solace is the only feeling which can be felt.

It makes my soul melt into a chalice of content,

Guess nothing else I desire from my fate.


Thy magical voice sweet like canary,

Fills my heart with profound ecstasy.

The love bird which was dormant in my heart,

Starts chirping the symphony of that Venus’s brat.


The touch of your lips on my skin,

Has the power to pull me out of Hades.

It can sprout the saplings of life on the desert of death,

Resuscitate me to life when I will lie dead on my bed.


My love to you is chaste like Artemis,

A life with you would be overwhelmed with bliss.

So hold my hand and let my soul sublime,

To the realms superior in the abode of divine.

– Shekhar

The birth of Paradise

When winds come alive and sing in your ears,

The good news of coming of heaven.

When dullness ceases and vibrancy commences,

The leaves flutter and bellow the heavenly news.

When God commands the clouds to cloak the sun,

And give us respite from its scorching hassle.

A divine coolness hangs in air,

And let us breathe in the pristine nectar.

When clouds wrestle among each other,

Roar like lions in aggression.

Those thunder and lightning may scare kids,

But to wise they are like enchanting music.

Then finally drops of gem fall from heaven,

Giving birth to paradise on this Earth.

No need to die to live in the Divine Abode,

Drink the falling nectar, become immortal and experience the Zeus’s kingdom.

A symphony is played by pelting raindrops,

And swaying trees augment to this ethereal song.

Such a flawless music won’t ever be played in any opera,

As the copyright is owned only by Nature’s Orchestra.

Come out you mortals, soak your skin,

Don’t deprive yourself from this absolute bliss.

Dance with mirth and sing with joy,

And celebrate the birth of Paradise.