The feeling of First Love.

Never did I have such a feeling,
In my classroom I don’t feel like studying.

There’s a love bird sitting in my heart,
Singing a love song which gives pleasure to my heart.

Oh my god what has happened to me!
With open eyes I see dreams so sweet.

Sleepless are my nights everyday,
Be it a Sunday or Wednesday.

Her face in my mind always gleams,
Thought of her brings a pain so sweet.

Normal was my heart before seeing her,
Its encroached by cupid after meeting her.

Each minute of my life is filled with forty long sighs,
To calm down the organ which is no more mine.

The more I think of her, the more I sink,
In the ocean of her love, which is unfathomably deep.



Author: shekharsmarmy

Aspire to become a writer

3 thoughts on “The feeling of First Love.”

  1. Omg…. So beautiful
    .. This poem brought immediate tears…. I’ve never read a poem so deep
    … Thank you for sharing , and ” I love you deeply “. You know who you Are !!!!!


  2. You are so creative , all you do is a work of art , and your is none other than divine love … All these things that you write , express , paint , draw , put in to poetry , all are a significant sincere very passionate reason as to why i ever loved you in the first place and / or fell in love you with you … Along with all the other colorful , fruitful , heartfelt ways that make you …. Ive never in my life have stumbled upon somebody , like you , and know I never will… Stephen , you are a beautiful soul .. Thank you for you … You are all I need, you are enough and that much more … I love you forever , yours truly , sincerely, in all devotion .


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